As part of our process, Romack Professional Search utilizes a method called Topgrading. This system of candidate evaluation narrows down the focus to the top 10% of the available field.

The top 10% of the available talent pool within a specific industry or niche; Romack utilizes a defined set of steps and methodologies to identify these true difference makers.


Romack Professional Search
We offer a professional & executive search service that specializes in identifying, engaging and presenting outstanding executives, managers and individual contributors who deliver immediate and significant impact for our client partners. Our professionals offer clients the combination of search expertise and extensive career experience as C-level or senior executives in corporations where they shaped strategy, built effective teams, and made performance-based personnel decisions.



World-class Talent
We help our clients build world-class management teams. As a full-service search firm, we secure top talent for some of the most challenging positions in the marketplace, from specialized professional roles to C-level executives and board members. Our track record of success has made us a trusted resource for loyal clients including Fortune 500 companies, private equity firms and emerging businesses. We specialize in the Technology, Finance and Human Resources sectors, but serve many others. Our search capabilities are complemented by a professional development, outplacement and coaching practice to ensure executives reach their highest possible performance. Based in Dallas, we maintain search partnerships in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Asia.
Our Difference

Regardless of the size of the search firm you select, there will only be 1-2 people at the firm dedicated to getting your search completed. A large search firm will tout significant infrastructure and internal resources that can be applied to search execution. In reality, large firms are collections of individual contributors and only 1-2 people will allocate significant time and energy to your search. Splits of "source of business" and "execution" fee credit between offices create disincentives to bring on additional staff to assist in search execution.

Only a large firm with significant resources can reach the right candidates. Romack Professional Search has access to all external databases, association membership lists, directories and public news sources that global search firms rely upon as the basis for their internal databases. The larger the firm and greater degree of specialization in a specific function or industry, the higher likelihood that your candidate pool will be restricted by both contractual off-limits and similar searches being conducted by other members of the firm on behalf of your competitors.

Compensation programs put in place by large firms require search teams to execute 10-15 searches simultaneously to reach their annual billing targets, limiting their focus on your search. We deliberately restrict the number of searches and clients taken-on at any given time to ensure quality standards are maintained throughout the search process.